ProCamera versus Camera+

ProCamera is a well-balanced 5-in-1 app that enhances both ‘still photos’ and video. ProCamera includes complete photo editing tools, social networking support, and many camera related utilities. ProCamera is the winner of the GIZMODO Photo App Award 2010. NYTimes journalist David Pogue said: “The high-end crowd swears by it.” ProCamera Founder Jens Daemgen was also awarded 1st place at VentureBeat’s 2011 “King of Code” contest.

Below you’ll find some simple comparisons between ProCamera and Camera+, along with several ProCamera user reviews. Once a Camera+ user gets a chance to try ProCamera, he/she will quickly find that ProCamera is their new favorite camera app.

We would like to know your opinion of ProCamera versus Camera+. While we admit to having a bias, here is a short list reasons why we believe ProCamera stands above Camera+:

  • ProCamera is a more responsive and dramatically ‘faster’ app.
  • Extended video recording which supports uploads to social media sites.
  • Comes with a Code Scanner (reads QR and Datamatrix codes).
  • Seamless integration with Apple’s native photo library.
  • Extended Geotagging (compass)
  • Better flash (light) control
  • A more professional user interface makes it easier to shoot (e.g. tap screen anywhere with secondary shutter trigger button) and edit photos (e.g. ProLab, ProCut, ProFX)
  • More alignment tools: virtual horizon, compass, more grids.
  • Hardware accelerated image processing framework (using Open GL).
  • ProLAB: Adjustable image processing suite.
  • ProCUT: More powerful image cropping and rotation studio.
  • Localization: Currently in 9 languages with more in the roadmap.
  • ProCamera is truly global (users in 94 countries) with a major user-base in Europe and Asia.

Some ProCamera user reviews:

 “The ONLY camera app … If Camera+ is the Holiday Inn of iPhone photography apps, then ProCamera is like The Hilton – quality AND quantity.”

“Amazing app with lots of settings to satisfy everyone’s needs. Much better than Camera+ in terms of usability and tweakability.”

“My go-to camera app: Camera+ was my main camera app but I replaced it with this one.” (ProCamera)

In comparison to Camera+, “ProCamera is noticeably faster.”

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  • Federico S

    Of the above comparison what I found most important is speed. ProCamera is noticeable faster than Camera+, that’s why I started using it for my candid shots.