ProCamera: Easy for Beginners but Offers Advanced Controls

In a recent Wall Street Journal article titled Snap Out of It well-know photo journalist and mobile photography pioneer Richard ‘Koci’ Hernandez once again recommended ProCamera as his app of choice when shooting with an iPhone.  This is what the WSJ had to say:

Mr. Hernandez recommends ProCamera as a replacement for the iPhone’s default Camera app because it’s easy for beginners to use but also offers advanced controls, like white balance and exposure. A feature that lets you snap a photo by tapping anywhere on the screen is “great for shooting multiple images in succession,” he said. Available for iOS.

You can read the full article here.  Koci’s and other app and camera tips for travel photography can be found in the graphics tab for the article.

ProCamera 4.0.2 is available from the Apple AppStore for $3.99. Click below to download.


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