ProCamera and new iPhone iOS 6 Privacy Settings – Turning on Photo Library Access

Hi everyone, my name is Misho Baranovic and I’m very excited to take over from Dan Butterfield as the ProCamera blog manager.

I’m going to focus on making the blog not only a great resource for photographers and developers but also a place to showcase all the incredibly talented ProCamera shooters from all around the world.

So let’s get right to it…

With iOS 6 released yesterday, we’ve heard that a few users, when shooting with ProCamera, are having trouble saving photos to the camera roll/photo library. This is related to Apple’s beefed up privacy protections and is an easy fix.

Here is a quick step by step to allow ProCamera to access your photos on iOS 6.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
The above notification should pop up the first time you launch ProCamera in iOS 6.Pressing ‘OK’ lets ProCamera save photos to your iPhone. If you press ‘Don’t Allow’, ProCamera will be unable to save photos to your iPhone camera roll. If you do click ‘Don’t Allow’, or ProCamera doesn’t give you this notification, you can turn on photo access manually.First, find and launch the Settings app (circled). Scroll down and select the Privacy menu.
Step 4 Step 5  
Click on the Photos menu Here you can see different photo apps and their access status. If ProCamera is set to Off, then turn it On.  That’s all there is to it.

If you have any questions about the above tutorial or any questions using ProCamera on the new iOS 6 then please let me know in the comments below.



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  • dislike ios6

    Hi, for step 5, there is no apps showing so I can’t even choose on or off. thanks for helping

    • Federico Racchi

      hi i have the same problem there is no any to choose. Do you fixed? thanks a lot!

      • ProCamera

        @twitter-49616348:disqus and @a3a73acacf1192e6a2ebde71f3e85816:disqus – what iPhone models are you using, have you tried to delete and reinstall the app?

    • Gowthami Srinivasan

      im also having the same problem….once i reset my privacy setting of photos apps from that time onwards no apps is listed in privacy settings to access my phots someone help me please i cant use my ohotos in any of the apps no apps is listed in settings

  • Jens

    Do you have ProCamera installed? Are photos being saved properly?

  • Jan Pedersen

    Hi. I can’t find privacy settings anywhere in my iphone 3gs. I have updated to OIS 6

    • ProCamera

      Hi @google-986681b6e61c61aeca3f6fb868c642cb:disqus – are you still having trouble with the 3GS privacy settings?

  • catherine

    thanks it now works but I cant find the photos i took before i pressed ok are they permantly gone

    • Misho Baranovic

      Hi @Catherine, unfortunately yes, ProCamera cannot save to the Photo Library unless permission has been granted by the user. We are sorry that you have lost photos and will be implementing an improved warning system in the next update.

    • ProCamera

      Hi @76efa0d2f7bab211f025e3ff4f985620:disqus – unfortunately yes, ProCamera cannot save to the Photo Library unless permission has been granted by the user. We are sorry that you have lost photos and will be implementing a better warning system in the next update.

  • Ren

    I’ve just gone to edit the hundred or so photos I took today at a tulip festival and now see I’ve lost every single one. So upset :(

    • ProCamera

      We’re really sorry to hear that @2ac44e9186c3810ac8489a558b331ad3:disqus. The last thing we want is for people to lose photos. We’ve added a warning pop-up to the app but are waiting on approval from Apple.

  • Guy Groves

    I spent a week trying to figure out what was different and looking for this info, the only message the app was giving was to turn on location services imagine how frustrating it was to have no other info than that and checking over and over to find that yes the location services was on the whole time…. thanks a lot guys really tight ship you’re running here. I was using the PAID FOR app for work but I am going with your competitor now. It may have been apple that caused the problem but you guys could have stepped up a little quicker, oh well don’t expect to get any more of my money.

    • ProCamera

      We’re sorry to hear that @facebook-580487329:disqus. We posted instructions, tweeted and updated the app store descriptions as soon as we found out about the issue last Friday – the same day the iPhone was released in the US. We have also added a warning pop-up to the app, but are waiting on approval from Apple.

      • Tom

        This is wrong – there are apps which are smart enough to not pretend they are working if access is turned off. It is nice that you are “working” on a warning system…. but wait… haven´t there been numerous of beta releases, golden masters etc. BEFORE iOS 6 was released? I am very sure this feature was not implemented after the beta cycles were over, so I stand by my point that this is the WORST SOFTWARE DESIGN EVER. You guys cannot understand what it means to loose hours of work which can never in life be recovered due to a stupid software pretend it “works”. Really angry and upset. This should NOT have happened.

  • Kathy

    I have lost all my pics! Step 1 does not show up

    • ProCamera

      We’re really sorry you’ve lost your photos @2ac995a6d2d7a80f3ab43b3057c404ee:disqus . With iOS6, Apple has made writing into their photo library optional. (Until iOS5 saving photos to camera roll was automatic.)

      As a consequence, you need to enable this function in the Privacy settings to allow all camera and photo based apps, including ProCamera to save photos. We are currently working on an improved warning system to stop this happening in the future.

  • Kathy

    I never saw any “warnings”…how can I recover the photos?

  • Phil Grant

    Just went to review all of the photos taken after a remote hiking trip with friends to see the fall foliage 3 1/2 hours from home. None of my photos were saved. I didn’t see a warning for ProCamera other than a warning about location services. I can’t believe ProCamera would allow the user to take photos when they are not being saved or at the very least not notify the user that the photo just taken was not saved. I’m really disappointed…the moments captured by those photos are lost forever.

    • ProCamera

      We’re really sorry Phil, with iOS6, Apple has made writing into their photo library optional. (Until iOS5 saving photos to camera roll was automatic.)

      As a consequence, you need to enable this function in the Privacy settings to allow all camera and photo based apps, including ProCamera to save photos.

      We have submitted an update to Apple and are currently waiting on approval to stop this happening in the future.

  • Jason Lawrence

    I have the same problem, I took a video today and its lost forever. It’s hard to find how to fix this I actually had to turn off “Quick Flick” album as there was a bizarre message saying something about location services. As soon as I turned the Quick Flick album off it could not access my albums but it said you have do something with Privacy Settings. I can’t tell you how ridiculous this is, and how easy it could have been to just say in your warning messages that you are not saving this video or picture and you must go to Settings-Privacy-Photos and turn on ProCamera. Like all the other users we are very disappointed as those memories are gone.

  • emrah

    thank you so much. it really helped me

  • Tom

    Sorry guys, but this is by far the worst software design ever seen! I am extremely angry about this, because I have just lost several hours of material which was NOT recorded, due to ProCamera “pretending” it did so. IMO you do not need to be a rocket scientist in order to DISABLE the recording button, once a user has incidentially disable access to the camera roll. But no, that is asked too much :( Instead, ProCamera behaves as if it would record and even shows a save dialog when you use the zoom. How great – not!

    Even worse: Why don´t you display a message which CLEARLY indicates what is happening IF access is turned off? Instead, the one-time “would like to access…” is a joke – really! VERY-VERY-VERY BAD and a blog entry does NOT change this.

    • ProCamera

      At no point did we intend for the app to pretend to write to the photo library. This is an issue that was unfortunately not picked up during beta-testing. As soon as we were aware of the issue we posted about it on our blog, Twitter and App Store page. We have submitted an update which corrects this issue and are currently waiting on approval from Apple. We are genuinely sorry that you have lost video, it is the last thing we wanted.

  • macaroni

    hey i have one question. preveously i Deleted some photos and then i install procamera, but then when i went to se the album in the app is shows all photos including the deleted ones, how to delete those ones permanently?

    • ProCamera

      Hi @disqus_aaVijrq8n9:disqus – I need more information to be able to help. Are you looking at photos in your ProCamera Lightbox or the Camera Roll? If you deleted photos in the Camera Roll they should not be reappearing in ProCamera.

      • macaroni

        hey, in the app you can see your albums and they have an album called PhotoStreamsData that shows photos from your câmera roll and some of the deleted ones..

        • ProCamera

          You’re referring to Apple’s Photo Stream which is a cloud-based backup of your last 1000 photos taken on your phone. What you are mentioning sounds like a delay between you deleting the photos from your phone and them still being shown in the Photo Stream. I’ll mention this to the developers but it sounds like it’s related to Apple’s process.

  • Johnny

    Mr. Baranovic,
    Thank you for what you do. You have indeed saved me from frustration from not reading the instructions to investigate before trying flying by the seat of your pants thinking that every thing is common sense decision… Not! The simple question was to allow access. My simple comman sense answer without hesitation was no with the end results being “. Can not save photo, open app first… Now I was really stuck because I wanted that photo… In desperation, I typed in word for word my stupidity and was rewarded with your blog that let me know that there was indeed someone out there that cares to fill a void lacking in us all…. To share. Thanks for being there with an answer. The photo is great on my iPhone now.

  • Nikki

    This doesn’t work. All my camera apps are set to on. Thus ihis post is absolutely useless. What do we do when this DOES NOT work??

    • ProCamera

      Hi @5a5310d5456e76dd206624edcfc1f448:disqus can you tell me what’s happening? What iOS and phone model do you have?

  • Cobber

    So,a does that mean that what I took before was not saved at all then in my phone? I took photos last night and can’t find it and I did turn on the Procamera settings now but still cant see the photos. Help please.

  • Pmiddy

    I just purchased pro camera 7 (upgraded from pro camera 4). Then I deleted the pro camera app from the iPhone. Now all the photos and videos from that lightbox are gone! Why would they not transfer when upgrading?

  • Kirsty

    I bought the app and can’t locate it anywhere on my Mac