Taking the perfect picture can happen with an iPhone (Video)


WFSB 3 Connecticut

The team from WFSB Eyewitness News have interviewed photographer Julie Stauffer about her iPhone photography classes.  Stauffer shows how the right apps and a few simple tips can help you take high quality photos with the phone.   Her top tips include:

  1. Don’t zoom by using your fingers to stretch the screen.
  2. Don’t use the flash unless it’s really dark and
  3. Realize that the camera app that comes with the iPhone is not the only camera app out there.

Much to our delight Stauffer, for tip 3, recommends photographers use ProCamera 7 and the excellent Vivid HDR. Watch the video to see how Stauffer controls exposure and focus in ProCamera 7. You can also read the full article here.

ProCamera 7 is currently available on the AppStore for US $2.99 (40% off)



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ProCamera 7 Spotlight: Out of this world iAstrophotography with Matt Schwartz

“Blood Moon” lunar eclipse

Our latest ProCamera spotlight is on the iphone astrophotography of Matt Schwartz. Incredibly, Matt shoots stunning photographs of the night sky, stars and moon equipped with only a telescope, iPhone and ProCamera 7.

Matt kindly agreed to talk to us to share his process and how to get started in this fledgling and fascinating field of photography.

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from?

A. My name is Matt Schwartz, and I’m 25 years old. I’m originally from the Indianapolis area, went to college in Nashville, and have lived and worked in San Diego for the past 4 years. By day, I work as a product manager for a medical device company that makes devices for minimally invasive spine surgery. But at night, if the stars are out, I’ve taken up an interest in amateur astronomy and astrophotography.

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Covr Photo Case is the perfect way to get candid street photos with your iPhone

Here at ProCamera we’re always on the look out for products that enable photographers to take better photos with their iPhone.  The new Covr iPhone case does exactly that by helping street shooters remain discreet so they can capture natural, candid street photographs.

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ProCamera spotlight on Tina Rice from Combo Apps blog

Tina Rice combo apps

Aeroplanes or Airplanes by Tina Rice

We’re restarting our ProCamera spotlight series today with prolific blogger and photographer Tina Rice.  Tina is the owner of Combo Apps: Mobile Extreme Editing, a fantastic resource for advanced photo app processing techniques and hardware guides.

We talk to Tina about the blog, her photographic styles and why she chooses to use ProCamera 7:

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, how long have you been shooting and editing on mobile?

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How to turn on TIFF photo saving in ProCamera 7 for iPhone (and why you should)

The new TIFF format has caused quite a stir with lots of interest and questions about the feature.  This post will hopefully answer a few of them.

The TIFF file format allows users to capture the highest quality, lossless photos with ProCamera 7.   Chris Prakoso in his Moblivious blog explains why TIFF is important for a mobile photography workflow:

Mobile Photographers almost never directly share their photos without doing some post-processing first. This could be as little as fixing exposure, contrast or sharpness; adding some filters, effects or overlays; to as advance as doing manual HDR edit or multi-layering Digital Imaging. All of these require multi apps workflow which recently had been dubbed with the term ‘App-Stacking‘.

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A beautifully simple video guide of the ProCamera 7 app for iPhone (review)

Thank you to Mati Kohan from Tecno Talker for this beautifully shot and presented video guide of ProCamera 7!  Follow the link to read Mati’s review (Spanish) and find out what he thought of the app.

ProCamera 7 is available on the AppStore for US $2.99 


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Mobile Photography Magazine Celebrates its First Anniversary

Congratulations to our friend Andy Butler on the one year anniversary of his Mobiography magazine.

The bi-monthly magazine is full of hints, tips and interviews with mobile photographers from around the world, including Jennifer Bracewell, Sarah Jarrett and Koci Hernandez.

This month’s feature is focused on one of our favourite topics, street photography.  It includes an interview with photographer Shel Serkin, practical street photo tips, black and white conversion techniques and hardware reviews for equipment that can help with candid shooting.  Oh and there’s an excellent feature on ProCamera 7 in there as well giving an insight into the development of the new version.

To mark Mobiography’s first birthday, the magazine has also launched a competition for one lucky reader to win two detachable mobile phone lenses (fish-eye lens and wide angle/macro lens).

Download the magazine from the  iTunes App Store or Google Play

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New ProCamera 7 Update with TIFF, open-in and hi-res Instagram support

We’re exited to bring you one of our most feature packed ProCamera updates to date with new TIFF file saving, Open-in functionality, high-res Instagram support and Shadows and Highlights correction tools. 

With the new TIFF file format you can now save and edit maximum quality, truly lossless photographs in ProCamera. There are two TIFF formats available, uncompressed TIFF or TIFF LZW for smaller file sizes. You can change the file format in Settings > More > File Format (see below).

Our new sharing functions make it even easier to get your photos online and in print. The Instagram SquarePrepare function now supports high-res exports – making your #ProCamera7 photos sharper than ever.

The new Open In option lets you easily transfer photos between supporting editing and sharing apps. Open In supports TIFF functionality.

We’ve also improved our DropBox compatibility and added Vimeo sharing. The new print option makes it possible for users to wirelessly print their photos at home or with print services that support the function.

That’s not all, we’ve also made a number of improvements to our Lightbox, Night Mode and video recording. The Lightbox now makes it easier to save, share and delete media from within the app. You can turn on the Lightbox in the Settings – it’s top of the list. The Night Mode has been tweaked to limit noise in low light. Video frame rates are now fixed for broadcast quality recording.

We’ve also heard your requests and have reintroduced the shadow and highlight correction tools into our ProCamera editing suite.

Finally, we’ve made some epic code changes to make the app even faster and more stable.

Let me know if you have any questions about the release in the comments below.

ProCamera 7 is available on the AppStore for US $4.99 

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Shooting the 24 Hour Project with ProCamera 7 for iPhone

17:00 in Melbourne for the #24hourproject by Misho Baranovic

It’s been a big weekend for a number of street photographers around the world who have just finished shooting for the #24HourProject – an annual event to document the global human condition in a single day.

Created by Renzo Grande @aliveinnyc and Sam Smotherman @whittiersam, this year’s #24HourProject occured on Saturday 22 March, with preliminary numbers showing an incredible 900 street photographers participating in the event from over 312 cities, 72 countries and 6 continents.

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ProCamera 7, the app to turn your iPhone into a professional camera (Spanish Review)

For the Spanish users out there, Javi Ramos and Sergio Navas from iSenaCode have written and recorded an in-depth review of ProCamera 7.

The positive review points out some of ProCamera’s key features, including the improved EXIF mode and advanced photo and video options in the Control Panel.  You can find the full review here or watch the in-depth video below.

ProCamera 7 is available on the AppStore for US $4.99 


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