Shots of the Year 2014 – Presented by ProCamera & EyeEm

ProCamera, in partnership with EyeEm, is pleased to present an
International Open Call
for the best shots of 2014 that represent the concept of simplicity.
Submission period:
December 9, 2014 to January 15, 2015.

Click here to see the amazing photos uploaded so far for our SOTY exhibition.


In our busy and complex world, simplicity is a luxury. But what exactly does “simplicity” mean? How can you capture it in a photo? As a mobile photographer, show us how you have personally explored the concept of simplicity. Continue reading

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Manual Focus, Manual HDR – Even More Features and Optimizations for Mobile Photography

As the first update following our epic ProCamera 8 release, version 6.1 offers more than just usual fine-tuning and optimization for iPhones 6 and 6 Plus: even more functions for manual control of the iPhone camera.


Manual Focus

One long press to set focus manually – Continue reading

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How to use ProCamera 8 to Take Great iPhone Photos via Mobiography blog

Andy Butler from the Mobiography blog has written a fantastic post on how to use some of the new ProCamera 8 features found in iOS 8 including exposure compensation and manual white balance control.  Here’s an example from the white balance section. Continue reading

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Stunning HDR, manual exposure & white balance. ProCamera 8 – our most epic update!

With stunning HDR, manual exposure, and white balance controls, ProCamera 8 is our most epic update to date.

We’re very excited to offer you incredible HDR photos in ProCamera 8.  By partnering with vividHDR through an in-app purchase, we’ve developed the fastest, highest quality and  Continue reading

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ProCamera 7 X EyeEm – Sharing beautiful photos together

Photo @patrickgwalsh

For our latest ProCamera 7 update we have added direct sharing to EyeEm – one of the world’s largest mobile photography communities with millions of members in over 150 countries.

For those that have EyeEm installed you will find the new icon (bottom right) on the Share screen in the Camera Roll or Lightbox. Here’s a quick guide: Continue reading

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New ProCamera HD brings pro photo, video and editing features to iPad!

We are very exicted to announce that ProCamera HD for iPad is now completely re-designed for iOS 7 and full featured advanced editing, video capture, Night Camera, TIFF file format, histogram, capture formats and much more!  Continue reading

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ProCamera 7 Spotlight: the art of mobile travel photography with Mia Glastonbury

This week we are featuring two photographers whose beautiful images are featured on our AppStore Screenshots.

The first is Mia Glastonbury, a travel and nature photographer living in Tasmania, Australia.  Mia’s stunning silhouette self portrait (see Q3 below) has been the ProCamera 7 feature screenshot since May, we we’re drawn to the lush natural beauty, sincerity and hopeful nature of the photograph. Mia was kind enough to do an interview with us about her passion for travel photography.

Q. Tell us a little about yourself, where are you based, when did you first start taking pictures?

A. I’m an Indonesian living in beautiful, Tasmania, Australia. I started getting really interested in Mobile Photography when I got the new iPhone 3GS. Firstly I started on Google Plus, then later discovered Instagram and have been sharing my photos online ever since.

Q. Looking at your Instagram feed, you’re doing a lot of travel photography.  Why are you drawn to this field of photography? What makes a good travel photo?

A.  My husband Matt and I first noticed the connection between photo-sharing and tourism when people started to comment on our photos saying they’d booked tickets to where we were. This helped us to understand not only how powerful it was to simply take and share lovely photos of destinations, but how much it impacted people’s decision making when it came to choosing holiday destinations.

Q. Can you tell us about your amazing ProCamera 7 cover shot? Where was it taken?  Is it a self-portrait ? If so, how did you take it?

A. I love taking selfies with an artistic difference, and since the iPhone takes great silhouettes when you meter the light correctly, I’m always trying to capture a beautiful scene with a story. You’ll often find me on Hobart’s eastern beaches with my Joby tripod and iPhone, trying to capture myself expressing something interesting.

Q. Why do you choose to shoot with ProCamera 7 over others iPhone apps?  Does it help with travel photography?

A. I find ProCamera 7 to be very quick and easy to use, especially since it has an inbuilt editor. I’ll often find the separated focus and exposure metering to be a huge advantage over other camera apps, so I’m always playing with these settings to get my photos just right.

Q. Do you have any other tips for people starting out in travel photography? 

A. Travel Photography tips: See your surroundings from a visitors point of view, this way you’ll not only enjoy your own area more, but also find things you wouldn’t normally focus on. I always try to get out in the golden hours of the day to try and capture a softer glow on an area which I think makes everything look so much nicer. I always go exploring different places and look out for interesting and unique perspectives to capture. Knowing my camera’s ability I get to know what lighting and scene will share well before I take my photos too. So, I get to know what will look good and what won’t.

Thank you so much Mia for sharing your insights.  You can find more of Mia’s beautiful photographs on her Instagram feed @miaglastonbury.

ProCamera 7 is available on the AppStore for US $4.99 


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Big news! The Volume Trigger is back in the latest ProCamera 7 update

Our latest ProCamera 7 update sees the return of the Volume Trigger and improvements to the Self-Timer and Torch.  

That’s right, we’re very excited (and relieved) to reintroduce the Volume Trigger for ProCamera 7!  This is great news for all the photographers who use the physical buttons or headphones to fire the shutter.  You can turn on the Volume Trigger by opening the Control Panel>Settings>Volume Buttons>On.

For those of you that are new to shooting with the headphones then this classic video by iconic mobile photographer Koci shows you the art of stealth street photography using this technique (starts at approx 06:55 into the video).

The Self-timer function now allows you to take a series of three photos in a quick burst. Perfect for a series of selfies or group shots.  This feature can be turned on in the Settings under Self-timer where you can set the timer delay, one or three photos, focus lock and blinking LED.

We’ve also added an adjustable intensity slider to the Torch function.  Now when you long press on the flash icon you’re presented with a multi-step slider to adjust the brightness of the continuous Torch light. You can see it on the left hand side of the screen below. We added this feature to give photographers even more control over their lighting at night.

Finally, we have sped up image processing, squashed some bugs and improved the graphics for non-retina displays.

To celebrate the return of the Volume Trigger ProCamera 7 is currently on sale for an incredible US $0.99 (80% off!)


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ProCamera PDF Manual now available for download in Japanese and German

Our ProCamera Manual is now available in German and Japanese.  The customised pdf manual is optimised for iPhone but also works on iPad and desktop.  The Manual is also available directly within the app within the Settings.

Download the manual below.




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Taking the perfect picture can happen with an iPhone (Video)


WFSB 3 Connecticut

The team from WFSB Eyewitness News have interviewed photographer Julie Stauffer about her iPhone photography classes.  Stauffer shows how the right apps and a few simple tips can help you take high quality photos with the phone.   Her top tips include:

  1. Don’t zoom by using your fingers to stretch the screen.
  2. Don’t use the flash unless it’s really dark and
  3. Realize that the camera app that comes with the iPhone is not the only camera app out there.

Much to our delight Stauffer, for tip 3, recommends photographers use ProCamera 7 and the excellent Vivid HDR. Watch the video to see how Stauffer controls exposure and focus in ProCamera 7. You can also read the full article here.

ProCamera 7 is currently available on the AppStore for US $2.99 (40% off)



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