ProCamera’s Analog pack brings classic film filters to your iPhone photographs

Have you tried the new Analog filter pack in ProCamera 7?

We worked hard on the latest pack. The seven custom-made filters apply subtle color shifts to your photos, replicating analog negative and slide films.  The filters support rather than overwhelm the frame. My personal favorite is Polachrome BM which adds a soft magenta wash to photos.  You can see all seven in the animation above.

This pack can be unlocked for free in exchange for a little bit of Facebook love.  For those that don’t have Facebook on their phones, clicking Like will unlock the pack automatically (instructions below).

Here’s a quick overview of how to find and unlock the Analog pack:

1. Select your photo from the Lightbox or Camera Roll.  Click on Edit (highlighted below) to open the ProFX filters.

2. Select the Analog pack from the filter pack scroll bar.  It’s the seventh one across (highlighted).

3. Pick a filter and then hit Save. This will bring up the notification box.  Click on Like to open Facebook and unlock the Analog Pack.

Have you used the Analog pack?  We’d love you to share your examples in the comments below.

ProCamera 7 is available on the AppStore for US $4.99 


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A Kickstarter that turns your iPhone photographs into timeless prints

Our good friend Nate Park from has launched a new Kickstarter project that hopes to turn your iPhone photos into beautiful prints inspired by traditional Daguerreotype and Ambrotype processes.  

While many apps help create the feel of traditional analog processes and cameras. These new fine art pieces take it a step further by re-imagining traditional printing techniques to create stunning prints.

Here’s why this project is so important to Nate:

I miss the days where we cherished every print, especially those that mean the most to us.  Think about it, whether you are an artist, professional photographer or not, everyone has that one image, that frozen moment that we never forget.  A memory that transcends time.  I don’t want to lose that moment.  I want to hold on to it and connect with it in a real way.  I want that to be how we are remembered, and I want to share that for generations to come.

We feel the same way at ProCamera and hope that the mobile photography community gets behind this great project.  You can find out more about the project and the prints by watching the video below or head over to the Kickstarter Page.

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ProCamera 7 User Manual now available for download!

Good news!  The ProCamera 7 User Manual is now available for download right here from the blog. The Manual is specially designed for viewing for the iPhone but you can also flick through below.

The Manual explains all the photo and video functions in the new app and is divided in to 10 sections for quick and easy reference.  There’s also a troubleshooting section at the end with the most common user questions that we receive about the app. The Manual can also be accessed from right within the ProCamera by tapping on the Control Panel, clicking on Settings and selecting User Manual from the options.

We’re always open to suggestions on how we can make the Manual better.  Please let us know if we’ve missed anything or if something doesn’t make sense.


ProCamera 7 is available on the AppStore for US $2.99 


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Apple says ProCamera’s the right app for a Friday night!

For those of you getting ready for a Friday night on the town, then you should listen to Apple and choose ProCamera as your camera app of choice!

But seriously, we’re very happy to be featured on the UK AppStore alongside other great apps, including the impressive photo sharing app Ultravisual.

Hope you all have a good night. Don’t stay up too late!

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Professional photojournalist recommends ProCamera for your iPhoneography arsenal

ProCamera photojournalism

A couple walk through construction on Main Street in Worcester.  (T&G Staff/RICK CINCLAIR)

Professional photojournalist Rick Cinclair, from the Worcester Telegram, has recommended ProCamera 7 in a recent review on the Telegram website.  Cinclair outlines the key shooting and editing features including the Night Camera, Rapid Fire and Tilt Meter.  Here’s a little of what he had to say about the editing suite:

Editing pictures within the Lightbox is well designed and easy to manipulate. There are 50 included filters that the user can flip through. The strength of the filter is easily dialed up or down by swiping your finger on the screen. There is a collection of 14 color filters, designed by app developer Jens Daemgen, that are inspired by and named for the unique districts of San Francisco. 

Click through to read the rest of the review and see Cinclair’s fantastic photographs taken and processed with ProCamera 7.

ProCamera 7 is currently available on the AppStore for only $1.99 


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The App Whisperer (TAW) ProCamera Competition Winners Announced!

Image ©Maurizio Zanetti

We’re excited to announce the winners of our mobile photography Night Shots competition, held in association with The App Whisperer and sponsored by Manfrotto, Olloclip and SnowLizard products.

Many thanks to all our judges for their excellent curation and commentary. Thank you also our sponsors for supplying these wonderful prizes and to our many entrants for their outstanding images and making our job so wonderfully hard.

The App Whisperer team will be contacting the winning photographers for their details to deliver the prizes.

Here is a small selection of the winning photographs. You can see the full selection of images and the prizes won on 

First Place For CITY By Maurizio Zanetti


Image ©Maurizio Zanetti

First Place for Landscape – By These Evil Things


Image ©theseevilthings

First Place for People By Natali Prosvetova


Image ©Natali NaProsvet

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New ProCamera 7 update is out. Histogram and SteadyLight are back. All new Analogue Filter Pack added

Before we get into the update, we wanted to say thank you to all our ProCamera users who left feedback, reported bugs and provided suggestions over the past month on the new ProCamera 7, your responses are critical for the continued improvement of the app.

First up, we’re very happy to report that all your shooting settings are now saved when you close and reopen the app!  Now you can customise and keep your settings to capture photos and video exactly how you want to, when you want to.  For those who rely on the Fullscreen Trigger to capture the decisive moment we’ve squashed the bug that was causing the frustrating shutter delay.  The Fullscreen Trigger is now faster than ever.

We’ve also made a multitude of behind the scenes bugfixes.

In terms of features, our focus is to return the things that are still missing from ProCamera Classic. The reason some features are taking a longer to return is that we’re trying to make them even better before we put them back.   We think we’ve done that with the Histogram, which returns in this update.  Filling the gap in the Control Panel, the new Histogram retains the dynamic light readings and over and underexposure warnings of the previous version but has been streamlined and repositioned to support, not distract, photographers when composing a shot.

We’ve also reintroduced the SteadyLight torch which can be turned on by a long press on the flash icon.  This way you can still use the torch with the flash turned on or off.

The full resolution preview is also back in the single image preview screen (double-tap on the photo to zoom in).

We know the QR Code and Auto Save are still missing and we’re working hard to make them better and get them back as soon as possible.

For those of you who have always wondered what a button did but were afraid to ask, we’ve included a brand new, fully illustrated PDF manual within the app.  The manual is custom designed for the iPhone and explains what everything is and how it works.  It also includes a troubleshooting section with our most common user questions. Remember you can also send us your questions through the built-in Support and Feedback form in the app Settings.

Finally, we’ve also had a bit of fun designing a brand new filter pack.  The Analog pack is inspired by classic 35mm films.  The filters apply subtle color shifts to your photos replicating negative and slide films.  Our favourite is the Polachrome BM which adds a bluish magenta wash to photos.  The pack can be unlocked with a little bit of Facebook love.  For those that don’t have Facebook on their phones, clicking Like on the pop-up notification unlocks the pack automatically.

ProCamera 7 is available on the AppStore for only $2.99 


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Inaugural IPA Quarterly Gallery Mobile Photography Exhibition opens 12 October

ProCamera together with (IPA) are very proud to announce the opening of the inaugural IPA Quarterly Gallery Exhibition.  

This is the first show to launch with images submitted through our dedicated in-app Exhibition Feature.  Incredibly, the open call received over 2,000 entries from over a dozen countries – beautifully captured with smart phone devices and edited using mobile apps.

The group show features a diverse range of photographic images from collage to street, landscape to portrait. Selected works from the juried exhibition will be on display October 3 to November 9 at Hangar Gallery South in the Santa Monica Art Studios, 3026 Airport Ave, Santa Monica, CA.

The opening reception is Saturday, October 12, 6-9pm.

The IPA Quarterly exhibition marks the third partnership between IPA and ProCamera.

Here’s a sneak peak at a few of the exhibited images.

Untitled by David Booker

The Recital by Geri Centonze

The Road to Mrs. Johnson by Nico Brons

The brand new ProCamera 7 is available on the AppStore for only $0.99 (hurry as this is the launch price).



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Welcome to ProCamera 7 for iPhone. A whole new shooting and editing experience for iOS7

ProCamera 7 new app

Photo by Cassie Sullivan

Welcome to a new era of mobile photography. Welcome to ProCamera 7

After many months of research and development we’re super excited to announce the brand new ProCamera 7 – purpose built for iOS7! The app is based on five years of feedback received from our dedicated users.

Before we get to the features, we’d like to share why we’ve chosen to release a new paid app rather than an update.  This was not an easy decision.  Since we entered the AppStore in early 2009, there have been over 30 free updates to ProCamera – taking it from a simple photo app to a powerful photo and video solution.  When we started developing for iOS7 we realized that we had an opportunity to reimagine what we could do with the app.  In order to get the most out of iOS7 we decided to create a whole new app that only worked on the iOS.  This way we could focus on implementing cutting edge technologies for existing and new users. Releasing a new app also allows us to recoup a small part of development costs.  We understand that our existing users should not have to pay the same $4.99 again.  That’s why we’ve reduced the price to only $0.99 for launch.  We think that it’s worth the extra dollar and hope you do to.

There is good news for those of you that can’t or won’t yet update to iOS7.  ProCamera 4.2.2 has also been updated and works smoothly on the new OS.  This way you can come over to ProCamera 7 when you’re ready.


Ok, on to the good stuff.  Our core philosophy for the redevelopment was about making it faster and easier to take great photos and videos.  To achieve this, we completely reworked the user interface, applying flat design principles to limit distractions.  Importantly, we kept the main functions in the same place (including the Exposure and Focus points, two shutter buttons and Control Panel).  This way long-term users can pick up the app and shoot in exactly the same way as before.

To help users we’ve improved and refined the Control Panel.  Now you can access more core functions in a single tap.

Here’s what’s new in the Control Panel:

1. Inspired by iOS 7, the new capture formats (including Square and 16:9 Widescreen) maximize screen space for accurate composition and framing. New 3:1 and Golden Mean formats have also been added.

2. The F/E Lock takes the place of Expert Mode. Turning on F/E Lock makes the yellow Exposure Circle and Blue Focus Square lock on release.

3. The 3D Tiltmeter replaces the Compass and adds a third axis for levelling off your photos.  Perfect for getting your design and foodie shots perfectly straight.

4. The Rapid Fire function is moved upfront.  This way you can quickly switch the main shutter between single and burst mode.  The app now captures photos faster on both the iPhone 4s (up to 2 shots a second) and 5 (up to a DSLR level 8 shots a second).  Hold the Rapid Fire trigger down to see the shots tick over in the Lightbox Preview counter. 

5. Sometimes all you want to do is focus on the image. The new Fullscreen mode turns off the bells and whistles and lets you get to work.  You can see below how beautifully simple the 16:9 widescreen format looks combined with the Fullscreen mode.  

6. The White Balance function has also reworked.  Allowing you to toggle the entire button on and off the main screen.

Advanced users may have noticed the gap in the Control Panel.  This will shortly be filled with the Histogram – which has taken just a little longer than expected to get ready.

The next exciting feature sits under the Camera Mode Switch (left of the Main Shutter).  Pressing the switch reveals the video and all new Night Camera mode, which builds on the two-step slow shutter controls on ProCamera Classic.

Now you can take even more control over your shutter speed, with the app letting you select between 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 second as the lowest exposure limit.  We can’t wait to see the beautiful night shots that will be taken with the Night Camera.

The video mode has also had a tune up, with a new higher frame rate options found in the Control Panel (60fps on iPhone 5 and higher on the 5s).  The video mode also has a new top bar indicator that shows how much storage space is remaining, helping to limit crashes during recording.


Now for the fun stuff! You’ll notice that ProCamera 7 now has a Lightbox Preview on the Capture Screen.  This replaces the PRO button with the Advanced Settings sliding over tp the Control Panel (they are also accessible by swiping left to right from outside the screen).  Clicking on the Lightbox Preview opens into our completely remade ProCamera editing suite.  The new editing tools are ridiculously easy to use, allowing quick, seamless switching between the filters, image adjustment tools and crop functions.  We’re proud of these new features and hope they help open up creative opportunities for our users.


The first thing you’ll see when you open the editing suite are the new ProCamera Filters.  We’ve developed over 50 free filters designed with professional photographers in mind including completely new color, black and white and cross process effects. Filter strength can be controlled with a simple up/down swipe on the screen – that’s right, no more fiddly sliders.

To complement the free filters, our ProCamera guru Jens Daemgen has developed 14 filters inspired by his visits to San Francisco. The filters evoke the colors of different districts and landmarks of the city.   In addition, Misho Baranovic, our Chief Blog Editor and resident photographer, has joined Jens to create the Street Pack. Which includes 14 black and white filters inspired by the films used by the masters of street photography.

Similar to the filters, the ProLab tool intensity is controlled with an up and down swipe on the screen.  The new Vignette, Boost and Sharpen tools add even more control to the already advanced collection (including Exposure, Contrast, Saturation and Color Temperature).


Yep, we haven’t used it yet – but we’ve got Airdrop!  You can also batch upload and backup your photos to Dropbox.

This really is only the tip of the iceberg!  Nearly all the other features that you know and love are still there and working the same way (QR code, Histogram and Autosave will all return soon!)

We’d love to know what you think about ProCamera 7.  Please let us know at or leave your comments below.

The brand new ProCamera 7 is available on the AppStore for only $0.99 (hurry as this is the launch price). 


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IPA Quarterly Exhibition Shortlist announced!

too fast photo by Blanchon Cédric

The IPA Quarterly shortlist of images has been published on the LA Mobile Arts Festival site!   The shortlist of 53 images will be soon narrowed down to 20 which will be exhibited in October at Hangar Gallery South, Santa Monica Art Studios.

We want to thank all the ProCamera users who submitted to our first ever open call partnership with  An incredible 2,400 entries were sent through our new ProCamera Exhibition feature!

We also want to thank independent judge Mark Pellington for taking the time to review the work.  In speaking with Mark, he wanted to say he was extremely impressed by the quality and artistry of all the entries.

Here is a small selection of a shortlisted images. You can see all 53 images on the LA Mobile Arts site.  You can also join in on our latest competition here.

Maximilian by Jan Kickinger

Untitled by David Booker

Wheat Road by Cecily Mariece Caceu

L.A. Story by David Ingraham


ProCamera is available on the App Store for US $4.99 

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