Where it all began…

ProCamera and iCademy are the creation and inspiration of Jens Daemgen, founder and lead developer.

Prior to developing photography applications for mobile devices, Jens had been working as a professional software developer for multinational brands (Porsche, HugoBoss, Volvo, General Motors etc.) since 1999. In addition to focusing on iPhone development since the opening of the App Store, Jens has also delivered seminars and produced video trainings for Objective C and iPhone development (Video2Brain / Addison Wesley).

Jens and his team of talented iPhone developers are not resting on the popularity and success of their initial apps. Under Jens’ direction, Daemgen.net has released several updates and will continue to expand and improve their growing family of photography apps now available on iTunes (App Store).

Jens’ passion for designing great mobile apps has not gone unrecognized. Read more > “King of Code” Finalist Jens Damgen turns camera phones into better photo tools.

In the July 2011 video interview below, Jens explains how ProCamera came “to be” and he offers his insights on how to create successful and profitable apps for iPhone.

  • http://n/a Raymond Cruz

    Hello, I have an iPhone 4s 32GB with 10 GB free. several questions:

    1. is it possible I have a trial or free version and that is why I do not see all the functionality?

    Can’t share, and maybe some other things.

    2.I used this app for the 1st time last night, at a night club recording a DJ set, and thought I took around 10 videos 2-3 minute videos. But this morning I opened, and only see one video, coincidently I think the last video I took.
    Did I do something wrong? where are all the videos?

    3. how do I offload the photos and videos to my Macbook Pro?

    • http://n/a Raymond Cruz

      Ok, found the files, I had a setting saying “delete after download” and found them in a file on my Macbook Pro. I I dissevered that I can sg=ahe foots, but I can not see how to share or upload videos.