iPhoneography Central: Why I love ProCamera

The team here at ProCamera are major fans of Nicki Fitz-Gerald and her inspiring blog iPhoneographycentral.com. Nicki’s site is home to numerous mobile photography tutorials by talented artists and hosts many thousands of truly amazing iPhotos.

In a recent (May 5th) post – Why I love ProCamera, Nicki Fitz-Gerald follows-up to her earlier (Nov 2011) ProCamera tutorial – Spring Greens. In her latest review, Nicki delves into more detail about the ProCamera features she most appreciates:

“I bought ProCamera partly because I’d read great reviews and noticed other great iphoneographers were using the camera app but what got me hooked on this app was the flexibility it gave me with exposure and focus control (which also amazingly applies to the video function). You can easily create a narrow depth of field (a popular photography technique), for example where you might want the foreground of the photograph in sharp focus and the background blurred (“Spring Flowers” below).The app also saves at full resolution, an important deciding factor when making an app purchase.”

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