iPhone photo app used by medical doctor for high quality eye exam photos

Here at ProCamera we’re always excited to see how other people are using our app in innovative ways. Recently, Houston based ophthalmologist (eye doctor) Christian Hester contacted us about his use of ProCamera in his medical practice.

In a recent article for Advanced Ocular Care, Hester gives a step by step description of how he uses an iPhone and ProCamera to take high quality slit lamp photos of patients’ eyes.  According to Hester, ProCamera gives him precise control over the focus and exposure setting, helping to get clearer photos.

Here is a step by step example from the article of how he uses the app during eye exams:

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Source: Advanced Ocular Care

Hester also noted that he is currently working on documenting his techniques since “this could be a real game changer for the international ophthalmic community who does not have access to expensive equipment”.

We are very excited to see ProCamera being used as tool to improve medical processes and techniques.


Are you using ProCamera in your job?  If so, we’d love to hear from you.  Either let us know in the comments below or shoot us an email at misho.baranovic@cocologics.com.

You can download the latest version of ProCamera for iPhone here

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