About ProCamera 4.0

The number one (#1) in Photography in 17 countries!

Started as the first camera app on the App Store (2008), ProCamera brought simple and useful camera enhancements and has evolved into a full-featured, all-in-one photo and video app. And we’re not done yet. Watch for our free updates!

“The high-end crowd swears by it” praised by NYTimes David Pogue. ProCamera sets new standards in iPhotography: Winner of the GIZMODO Photo App Award 2010, Apple’s Staff Favorite, iTunes Rewind “Best Apps 2010” and ‘Best App Development’ award winner at the iPhone DevCon 2010 Germany.

… if you are looking for a fully featured camera replacement app, then look no further than ProCamera 3.0 … by far the best camera available in the App Store.” Glyn Evans, iPhoneography.com

Customer reviews:
“…six stars!!!”
“…best photo/video app across the store”
“…no other app comes close”

What’s New in ProCamera 4.0?

ProCamera 4.0 is our biggest update yet! Here is a full list of all the new features:


  • Capture formats (16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 1:1) for photos.
  • New ProCamera Lightbox to save, share, export or delete photos within the app.
  • New Library and Album enables: full support for photo stream and any updates in real-time; long press to copy to clipboard; super-zoom at full resolution; both landscape and portrait support; and multi-select and multi-share support.
  • Fine-tuned exposure and focus control: Now you can set focus and exposure with two fingers at the same time (in simple and expert modes).


  • VideoSnapshots: Take photos WHILE recording a video or in video mode.
  • Video upload to DropBox.
  • Video metadata viewer.

Photo editing:

  • New Pro Lab editing tools including:
  • Tone Curves tool with RGB and single color channel correction
  • Live histogram for accurate editing
  • New and improved adjustment sliders including Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Saturation, Color temperature, Shadow and Highlight correction, Red, Green, and Blue
  • Improved and new effects in Pro FX.


  • Instagram sharing (with unique SquarePrepare).
  • Multi-Multi sharing (share multiple pictures to multiple networks with a few taps).

Usability, Stability and Performance:

  • QuickFlick: flick right for Albums, flick left for Settings.
  • Simplified settings for quick (-flick) access to the most important settings.
  • New code architecture brings 100% stability and a blazing fast performance and startup time.

What’s New in ProCamera Update 3.8?

ProCamera has just released a new update (version 3.8) with the following features:

  • iPhone 5 optimized to fit the new 4-inch retina screen
  • Video Stabilization (“Anti-Shake” for video recording, iOS 6 only)
  • Night capture mode with ISO Boost. Auto-adjustment up to ISO 3200 for brighter nighttime photos. (iPhone 5 only)
  • Adjustable JPEG compression (70 – 100%, iOS 6 only)
  • iOS 6 optimized: 1.5x faster photo saving (compared to iOS 5)
  • Important note: Volume Trigger was removed in ProCamera 3.8.

What’s New in ProCamera Update 3.5? …

  • Codescanner: Scan QR, DataMatrix and EAN codes and get context sensitive options to use them quickly. Read more > here about Codescanner’s important new capabilities and why this is must have!
  • Videozoom: Record videos with high quality zoom. (Zoom is applied after the video has been recorded to ensure maximum video quality with 25fps.).
  • DropBox Integration: Upload your photos to DropBox – and if you want – simultaneously to Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Facelift: ProCamera’s interface now has a new fresh look!
  • New Preview View: Inspect taken photos in detail before you save them. Now with 8x zoom.
  • Green Mode: Energy saving mode for longer battery life.
  • ProCamera Settings: Completely rewritten and restructured settings.
  • Copyright: Add your copyright information to the metadata of all photos (EXIF) and videos.
  • Visual Timestamp: (in addition to the non-visible EXIF data).

ProCamera will make you love using your iPhone/iPod/iPad to take, edit and share photos and videos. Great features, packed into a beautiful and intuitive design. Wether you’re a dedicated iPhotographer or someone who just captures videos now and then, ProCamera will be your first choice.

★ ProCamera 3.1 added following features:
➜ RapidFire Mode – Hold the shutter button to continuously snap full-resolution photos at up to 12 pictures per second (This is for iPad 2. Performance varies depending on the device.);
 QuickFlick Album: Only one flick away from your photos and videos;
 Social Network Sharing - Upload photos to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr – separately or in bulk.

 ProCamera’s exclusive Expert Mode for separate focus/exposure and White Balance adjustment gives you full control over your camera hardware.

 With our Pro FX Studio you’ll be able to transform any picture into a beautiful piece of art with a single tap. Powered by the most advanced OpenGL technology, there have never been such stunning effects paired with high-speed performance.

 The enhanced Pro Lab introduces scene modes and auto-improvements to get even more out of your photos. Make them look brilliant with vivid colors by adjusting options manually or simply tapping one of the intelligent auto-buttons to let ProCamera automatically improve your photos.

 Use the Pro Cut Studio to fix crooked pictures. Rotate or flip them horizontally or vertically. Select the best part or choose one of our pre-defined aspect ratios
(1:1, 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, the Golden-Ratio).

 Extended Geotagging with compass direction and full EXIF data storage + view saves you all the information you could need about a photo later on.

 Other essential and highly recommended features: Anti-Shake Image Stabilizer, 6x HQ Digital Zoom in full resolution, Virtual Horizon, alignment grids, digital Flash and much more.

➜ Have a look at our website to see all of ProCamera‘s great features: www.procamera-app.com

 We’d love to receive your feedback and suggestions for future updates.

➜ Our support team is available 24/7 for all of your questions and suggestions.

ProCamera is compatible with iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 on iOS 4 and above. Video-Recording, focus, exposure and white balance control require an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4, iPad 2 (iPod Touch & iPad 2 no focus control). The extended compass-geotagging requires aniPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. Pro FX Studio requires OpenGL ES 2.0 (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4, iPad, iPad 2).
What’s new in Version 3.1.1
➜ Hotfix for iOS 4.1 users
➜ Fixed a bug when logging in to Twitter

 RapidFire Mode – Hold the shutter button to continuously snap full-resolution photos at up to 12 pictures per second (This is for iPad 2. Performance varies depending on the device.);

 QuickFlick Album: Only one flick away from your photos and videos;
 Social Network Sharing - Upload photos to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr – separately or in bulk.
➜ Added iPad 2 support for both front-facing and back cameras
 Fixed a bug when the ProLab Studio doesn’t show the image
 Fixed a bug when photo orientation is not properly set
 Fixed a bug when there’s not enough space left on devices
 Fixed a bug when launching photo EXIF info
 Performance improvements

IPA size 13.5 MB
LANGUAGES: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

  • Valeriu Campan

    I was wondering if the app allows to use the something like TASCAM iXZ Audio Interface Adapter to get a better quality sound. For many of us it is very important to record movies with using external mikes.
    Thank you.

  • Thomas

    Hello, I have buy your Procamera 3.5.1.last day. I try to use the Datestamp feature and find only the year can be write at the photo. (No month and day) Do I miss any setting?
    I am using Iphon4 / IOS5.1
    Many thanks,

  • Maria Sacadura

    Can I use the procamera in my Samsung G.Note?