SHOTS OF THE YEAR 2014 – Simply the Best

Today is the day ProCamera, in partnership with EyeEm, is going to announce the winners of the “Shots Of The Year 2014 Award“. In contrast to the theme of “simplicity”, selecting the 12 winning submissions wasn’t an easy task for the jury.
Crucial factors for the final choices were the connection to the theme, the photographic proficiency, the variety of genres and that certain something.
It was important to us that simple doesn’t have to mean boringeasy or ordinary in this context.

“Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.”
– Leo Babauta

Congratulations to our final winners! We have seen a lot of great photography in the course of SOTY2014!


Anne Østerby @anneoesterby

The Jury says: “A perfect synthesis of the concept of simplicity. The bold white lines lead the eye into the composition towards the figure. The interaction between the human being and his environment creates a reflective mood. There is a calm attitude to the photograph, yet the eye remains engaged with the twisting, sinuous quality of the lines surrounding the man.”


Elaine Taylor @sunflowerof21

The Jury says: “Pure Simplicity. A rock in the middle of a flat landscape. The kids are playing with their kites in the sunlight, but the tension of the dark clouds is already in the air.”

Jamie @jamiefang

The Jury says: “There is a futuristic quality here that is exciting. Because the artist has rotated the photgraph 180 degrees, the viewer is confronted with a city scape that is not immediately recognisable. The photographer has given us just enough to be intrigued. Nothing is over stated. The thick fog which shrouds the city further adds to the sense of mystery. Where are we? In which year are we? These are some of the questions I asked myself when I looked at the photo. And I really like photos that get me asking questions.”


Pramudiya @pramudiya

The Jury says: “Perfection – absolutely geometric composition with a man in the center. Images like this are based on a visual concept – with smartphones it is also possible to search and find or create sceneries spontaneously.”

Youngduk Ko @guitarlogy

The Jury says: “This one completely captivated me. I think it’s because we do not see the face of the figure. What does this person look like? What is the expression on the face? Where are they going? We will never know. The extreme contrast between the hooded figure and the surrounding shadows of the city creates a dynamic composition. The warm, rusty colour of the jacket is set off beautifully against the dark colours of the city contained in the background.”


Thomas Lim @thomaslim24

The Jury says: “Simple yet captivating. Reduced but very dynamic. Great interplay between the dove, the ground and the shadow. Capturing moments like this demand a good eye for photography as well as great control over the camera. Even more when using a smartphone camera.”


Sebastian Frank @sebseven

The Jury says: “Architecture as a three-dimensional art form. The concrete seems to be in motion. Splendid composition.”


Snev Rotbok @eyecircus

The Jury says: “Pure simplicity achieved through basic shapes and gradients. Everyday objects used to create an almost surreal scenery.”


Dave Ballering @abstractdave

The Jury says: “A beautiful example for the high definition of modern smartphones and the play with depth of field on an iPhone.”


Mariko @MKlug

The Jury says: “Perfectly captured, composed and edited macro photograph, that will look beautiful as a large-size print!”

Glenn Homann @glennhomann

The Jury says: “Artistic abstraction in the composition and a proper editing lead to this intriguing photograph. It’s a great example for obscuration in today’s smartphone photography.”

Michelle Robinson @michmutters

The Jury says: “The vibrancy of nature expressed through a silhouette and geometric patterns. The sunlight reveals the living structure of the leaf.”

Thank you for participating in “Shots Of The Year 2014″ — you gave us the impression the year 2014 was special for many of you!

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SHOTS OF THE YEAR 2014 – The Top100!

SOTY2014_Top100_symbole_973x240pxProCamera, in partnership with EyeEm, is proud to announce the shortlist of the „Shots Of The Year 2014 Award“. After taking a close look at nearly 1500 submissions, the jury selected 100 photographs in a multi-stage process. Continue reading

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Urban Reflections – An Artist’s Approach with ProCamera

When the ProCamera team asked if I would create a guest post for their blog, I happily agreed. I was introduced to ProCamera in the summer of 2012, and it’s been my go-to photo app ever since.

I’ve created this post from the perspective of a visual artist who uses mobile photography as a component in my practice. You might ask — how exactly does mobile photography feed into my work as a visual artist? I’m still exploring this, as mobile photography is a relatively new medium for me. I hadn’t before considered mobile photography as an art in its own right, but ProCamera began to change this notion for me when I noticed the high quality photos it has helped me achieve. Sometimes, the photos are starting points for drawings and paintings. And at other times, the photo itself becomes the work of art.


As I walked along the Landwehrkanal, I was struck by the autumnal colours and this lone figure sitting beside a tree. Without the figure, the photo wouldn’t be as interesting. If someone or something catches your eye, don’t wait around as things can change quite suddenly. Find a good vantage point and take the picture before the moment passes you by.

I’m here in Kreuzberg, Berlin at the moment. This wonderfully diverse Stadtteil forms the backdrop of the photos contained throughout this entry. Below, you will find the photos I took along with a description of my artistic process. Continue reading

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SHOTS OF THE YEAR 2014 – only one week left to submit your photos!

The end of SOTY2014 Simplicity exhibition is drawing near. You can still submit your photos until January 15th.

Each day new photos are added. Check them out here!

Read more about SHOTS OF THE YEAR 2014 and how to submit your pictures.

Below, we have compiled another selection of the strongest photos uploaded so far. No final decisions have been made.

SOTY2014Elaine Taylor

Continue reading

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SHOTS OF THE YEAR 2014 – Submission highlights

Since December 9th, mobile photographers have been sharing their interpretations of the concept of Simplicity on EyeEm in our “Shots of the Year 2014″ Exhibition. Each day new photos are added. Check them out here!

You, too, can submit your photos until January 15th, 2015.
Read more about SHOTS OF THE YEAR 2014 and how to submit your pictures.

Below, we have compiled some of the strongest photos uploaded so far to give you an idea of what we are looking for, although no final decisions have been made. Continue reading

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10 Tips For Taking Stunning Landscape Photos With Your iPhone

Have you ever taken an iPhone photo of a stunning view, but for some reason the photo didn’t work out as you expected? Most iPhone photographers have had that experience, because the views that look great in real life don’t necessarily result in great landscape photos.


On the other hand, even an average landscape can be turned into a spectacular photograph if you know how to take full advantage of each photo opportunity. In this article you’re going to discover 10 simple and powerful tips for taking stunning landscape photos with your iPhone. Continue reading

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Shots of the Year 2014 – Presented by ProCamera & EyeEm

ProCamera, in partnership with EyeEm, is pleased to present an
International Open Call
for the best shots of 2014 that represent the concept of simplicity.
Submission period:
December 9, 2014 to January 15, 2015.

Click here to see the amazing photos uploaded so far for our SOTY exhibition.


In our busy and complex world, simplicity is a luxury. But what exactly does “simplicity” mean? How can you capture it in a photo? As a mobile photographer, show us how you have personally explored the concept of simplicity. Continue reading

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Manual Focus, Manual HDR – Even More Features and Optimizations for Mobile Photography

As the first update following our epic ProCamera 8 release, version 6.1 offers more than just usual fine-tuning and optimization for iPhones 6 and 6 Plus: even more functions for manual control of the iPhone camera.


Manual Focus

One long press to set focus manually – Continue reading

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How to use ProCamera 8 to Take Great iPhone Photos via Mobiography blog

Andy Butler from the Mobiography blog has written a fantastic post on how to use some of the new ProCamera 8 features found in iOS 8 including exposure compensation and manual white balance control.  Here’s an example from the white balance section. Continue reading

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Stunning HDR, manual exposure & white balance. ProCamera 8 – our most epic update!

With stunning HDR, manual exposure, and white balance controls, ProCamera 8 is our most epic update to date.

We’re very excited to offer you incredible HDR photos in ProCamera 8.  By partnering with vividHDR through an in-app purchase, we’ve developed the fastest, highest quality and  Continue reading

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